The Treats arrived today and Sadie was thrilled! Thanks again so much for the your outstanding customer service. 

I love your products and am eagerly anticipating the delivery of a box of "kitchen sink" biscuits for my three dogs. They have previously tried your treats and LOVE them! I would highly recommend your company to anyone.
I bought a container of your original biscuits at the Shelburne Museum Goes to the Dogs and my dog is nuts over them!  She is a two year old beagle named Maggie.  Every night after dinner she goes to the cabinet where I keep them, barks at it, sits down and waits for one.  Then i tell her to sit and she proceeds to lie down and roll over all in one motion!  Your biscuits are great and Maggie loves them!  Thanks for all of your hard work!
-Aimee G
I just received my Wagatha's order # 1184 and I wanted to tell you thanks for shipping it out so quickly and for the great packaging!  I love the stickers and the samples you included.

I came across your treats at a Humane Society event through a local store in Bethesda, Maryland, and my dog just loved the treats.  They hid the treats in plastic Easter eggs for a hunt last weekend, and my Doberman just went crazy for them.  I ordered these from your site as soon as I got home. Thanks again for great service!  My Apollo will be very excited to try the breakfast biscuits!
- Joanna F

Thank you for making such tasty treats and for making them beef and wheat free. It makes me feel good to indulge her with something so high in quality. The drool-o-meter registers overflowing when Wagathas are offered. You have made one great German Shepherd dog very happy indeed. Thanks again.
- Dawn W
I wanted to say THANK YOU so very much for giving me a sample of your dog treats. When I spoke to you I told you that I had a Husky who was very snobby with her treats. She NEVER eats biscuits. The gentleman there didn't even hesitate and quickly handed me a packet of the cranberry cheddar brand. I was even skeptical. HOWEVER, to all of our surprise....of all the bags I brought home there was your biscuits tucked away in my purse and she sniffed them out. She went absolutely berserk over them. I couldn't believe it!!

Thank you for bringing her to a whole new world of treats. Your products are great. I just ordered some. 
Shawna G

What a surprise!  The other morning I gave my dog one of the prize biscuits from Wagatha.  I noticed that he seemed contented that morning not asking me for additional treats like he usually does.  (He only dines once per day at 5:30 pm.)  So, Wagatha's biscuits made him more satisfied than two or three of his usual Pedigree brand would have.
Adiranne N
I just wanted to say how much my beagle dani loved the biscuits!!! and being an art teacher i loved the packaging. we will tell all our friends about Wagathas.
Mary C and a very content Dani
You probably don't remember me but I promised you an email.  I was the woman at Expo East who when you asked "would you like a sample "said "no thanks" and proceeded to tell you why.  Well I did the taste test with my best friends cookie and your cranberry cheddar biscuit.  I cannot tell a lie, my dog, after sniffing both biscuits and then putting them several feet away and right next to each other, went to your biscuit.  Not only once (because I was convinced it was a fluke) but twice.  I'm sold on Wagatha's and have put my order in with my buying group. My dog, Oobie, thanks you very much!
Meri S
I had to write to you to tell you how great your biscuits are. I went to The Bay Colony Dog show in Boston yesterday with my friend Rhonda and we stopped by your booth. We met two great guys who really made it easy for us to buy your product and give it a try. I have to say, I have three big dogs, two labradors and a bullmastiff and they are obsessed with your biscuits. I can see I'm going to have to hide the canisters because I cant get a moments peace they keep crying and dragging me to the counter where they are currently sitting. I just wanted to share a few photos of Jake my bully, from this morning. He would not let up. I will be sharing your website and telling everyone how great your biscuits really are. I am a member of and I am planning on spreading the word on there as well You can be sure you have returning customers with me and Rhonda. She sent me an email when she got home that Wes her Standard Schnauzer also would not leave the side of the counter staring up at the canister.Thank you for making such a great wholesome product!
Julie P
I want to than you for making such wonderful products!! My boy Ruffus (basset hound) loves Wagatha's treats! I've always been a believer in spoiling my pets. With Wagatha's, you're giving me the best of both worlds. I can indulge Ruffus but know that what I'm giving him his healthy. Thank you again!
Shawn K

I had to write to you to tell you that Wagatha's is an amazing biscuit!  We attending the Bay Side Expo center and purchased a couple canisters of the biscuits (Breakfast and Cranberry) - the sales rep was wonderful and very informative, but never pushy.  You could tell that she really believed in the product.  I knew that 2 of our 3 dogs would love the biscuits, I was not expecting our oldest dog who turns her nose up at most everything would eagerly gobble them up and then look for more.  Cody has always been extremely finicky and a challenge to feed, treats were always harder to find something that she might like and something that we would feel good about giving her.  She loves the breakfast biscuit!  We found a local retailer for the biscuits near us, and we have bought a canister for their "friends" for Christmas.

I just wanted to say thank you for making such a great product!
Kerrie B

Hi I just want to comment. I received Wagatha's Tuscan Tomato treats free when purchasing dog food from another website.This is the first I've heard of this product. First, I read the ingredients and thought they were just wonderful,then smelled them and they smelled delicious! So I tried them on my two full grown dogs, and they loved it. When I gave it to the 6 puppies I am caring for I broke it, and found that is also a soft enough treat to break into little pieces with ease, and soft enough for my 2 month old pups! The puppies go wild for your treats. It's so cute. Thanks for the great product. Totally satisfied on every level.
Lydia H
Just wanted to say WOW.  I was shocked to receive my order the following day after it was placed.  Thank you so much for your wonderful product and fabulous customer service.  Both my dog and myself are very happy!
Donna T

We discovered your cookies on a trip to Vermont a few years ago. Huckleberry loved every flavor that he tried, and we loved the healthy ingredients! These are now our first choice in treats. Thank you!!!
Megan C

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